Sex With A Celebrity Sex Doll

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Sex With A Celebrity Sex Doll

Want to have sex with the celebrity you dream? Sex dolls can provide you with the best sex experience.

#1. Korean Realistic Celebrity Sex Doll Hazel 168cm:

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#2. Vibrant And Tranquil Japanese Girl Sex Doll Kaylani 168cm:

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#3. Asian Real Life Sex Doll Beautiful ‘Artists’ Evelynn 158cm:

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#4. Celebrity Real Sex Doll Street Model&Designer Addilyn 156cm:

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Sex dolls are named sex dolls for a reason. They are designed specifically for the purpose of having sex with people. Sex dolls feature the proper body parts that are needed in order to create sexual stimulation for a person. A man who purchases a female sex doll can enjoy a realistic vagina, mouth, breasts, and ass on their doll. He is free to do with her as he pleases, whether it is sexual or something else.

Some people purchase sex dolls for photography or companionship purposes. However, sex is the most common purpose for purchasing a doll. If a man struggles to form relationships with real-life women and is tired of the runaround, then a sex doll is the next best thing. He can use the doll to fill the missing gaps in his personal life. Perhaps he can use the doll for sex and companionship together. Some men do this, and it works out fine.

How the Sex Works

A lot of beginners want to know, “How do you have sex with a sex doll?” It is actually not too hard to imagine how sex works with a sex doll. Just think about how you have sex with a person. It is almost the same thing except that you do more of the work because the doll is stagnant.

Don’t worry if you are confused about the specifics. In case you need some guidance on your sex doll journey, let’s dive into the specifics of how to have sex with a sex doll. As indicated above, a sex doll has all the necessary body parts that are needed for a man to have sex with it. All you need to do is prepare them for intercourse and then clean up after the sex is over.

Here are the six main steps for having vaginal intercourse with a sex doll:

1) Strip Down

Take off all the clothes of the sex doll. Get familiar with every part of her body, including the size and shape of it. You may even want to feel her various body parts with your fingers in order to familiarize yourself with them. This would include inserting your fingers into her vagina. Make sure you wash your hands first.

What you need to understand is that having sex with a doll won’t feel 100% like having sex with a person. Even though the doll’s body parts are replicas of human body parts, the temperature, moisture, and texture won’t feel 100% the same. That is why so much extra work must go into preparing the doll before you have sex with it.

2) Position the Doll

Put the sex doll on your bed if it is not there already. Place the doll on her back because you’re going to have sex with her in a missionary position. It is the easiest sexual position for beginners because your entire body weight on top of the doll keeps her securely in place. You don’t need to spend extra time controlling the doll that is under you.

Gently spread her legs apart so that you have easy access to the vagina. If you are too aggressive with the leg spread, then you might tear the skin around her crouch accidentally. Simply start by bending her legs at the knees and then gracefully spreading her legs like a butterfly spreading its wings.

The vagina should now be clearly visible in between her legs, with more than enough room for your body to fit in there perfectly.

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3) Lubrication

Lubricate the vagina of the doll with your favorite adult lubricating oil. The purpose of a lubricant is to make it easy to penetrate the vagina with your penis.

If you do not apply a lot of lubricant in the vagina, then you will have difficulty penetrating it with your penis. Even if you do manage to insert your penis into the vagina without much lubricant being in there, then you will probably burn or injure your penis. Not only that, but you could end up tearing the synthetic flesh of the doll as well. That is why it is better to saturate the vagina with as much lubricant as possible.

Before you run out and purchase any type of lubricant, you should ask yourself one important question. Is your doll made out of silicone or TPE? If it is made out of silicone, then you need to purchase a special lubricant that is safe for silicone material. Not all lubricants are safe for silicone dolls, so you need to keep that in mind. You can also use natural organic coconut oil as a lubricant for any type of doll. It is a healthier option if you don’t mind the smell of coconut oil all over the place.

4) Do the Deed

Now take off your pants and proceed to get on top of the sex doll. Insert your penis into the vaginal hole of the doll. Do not thrust her too aggressively because you might injure yourself or damage the doll. If you used enough lubricant, then your penis should feel comfortable and smooth inside of her vagina. You shouldn’t have to force your penis into the vagina. If you have trouble inserting your penis, then you either didn’t use enough lubricant or your penis is not erect enough.

Believe it or not, a common problem that beginners have is getting aroused. Even though the doll looks incredibly realistic, there is still a sense of nervousness for people who have never had sex with a doll before. They might think it is awkward, or they might feel a certain degree of shame or embarrassment.

To work around these feelings, you need to think of the doll as you would think about any other form of masturbation. After all, a sex doll is really just a sophisticated tool for masturbation. So, don’t be afraid to turn on a few pornographic videos while you attempt to have sex with the doll. Just get yourself in the mood and then proceed to have sex once you’re finally aroused.

5) Clean the Doll

Once the sex is over, you should clean out the vagina immediately. Never leave your semen in the sex doll for long periods of time. If you do, then it will turn hard and begin smelling like fish. On top of that, it is not a very sanitary way to maintain the health of your sex doll anyway.

Cleaning is important, regardless of whether you wore a condom or not. Even if there is no semen in the vagina, what about the lubricant? All that lubricating oil will begin to stink if it is not cleaned out of there as well. You just won’t have as much to clean if you wear a condom.

The best way to clean a sex doll is with warm water and mild antibacterial liquid soap. Do not use hot water because it could damage the synthetic skin of the doll. In fact, you should never put your sex doll in a jacuzzi or hot tub for this same reason. Heat can damage the doll if exposed to it for too long.

If you need to reach deep into the vagina, use a small brush with the water and liquid soap on it. Be very gentle when you scrub the interior of the vagina. Do not use any aggressive movements because that’ll risk damaging the vagina even more.

6) Never Share the Doll

The final step should be more than obvious, but it is worth mentioning anyway. Never share your doll with anyone else unless you’re absolutely sure they’re clean and healthy. At the very least, you should wear a condom just to be safe if you’re going to engage in doll sharing practices.

For example, it is common for swingers to have threesomes with sex dolls or exchange sex dolls with one another and have sex with them. This type of sex is just as risky as having sex with multiple human partners. Even if the other person were to clean the doll first, there is no guarantee of how well it was cleaned. There is always the risk of STD transfer from a sex doll if someone else with an STD had used it before you and didn’t clean it properly.

But if you want to be extra safe with your sex doll, then simply keep it all to yourself. Do not share the doll with anyone else. Then you can always have unprotected sex with the doll without ever worrying about contracting an STD. Isn’t that the whole fun of having sex with a doll in the first place? Who really wants to wear a condom when having sex with a doll anyway? You mine as well have sex with a real person if you’re going to have a condom on.


Now you should have a good idea of what it takes to have sex with a sex doll. It can be a pleasurable and joyous experience if you take the proper steps and proceed accordingly. Always be gentle with your sex doll and take care of her properly. Then you should have a good time each night you spend with her. More sex dolls:

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