How to Flirt With Webcam Girl

How to Flirt With Webcam Girl

Yes, although the cam models world operates by different rules than regular dating and picking girls up in the social or in the street, the beginning is generally the same. You see her, you want her, you try to get her attention and flirt with her.  From that on, the situation develops either as you see it in your dreams, or not so excitingly. For you to avoid the later scenario, let us remind you how to flirt nicely and properly with a cam model so that you became her favorite.

Flirting Manual From Firecams.Com

The general rule is: be polite in words and confident (but not aggressive) in your behavior. Now more details on how to embody this when you chat to a cam girl (and remember that the most amazing models to flirt with are on ).

  1.   Approach the model as you would approach a real girl on the social. They all love compliments and polite guys. Be informal but not rude. You might feel like blurting everything you feel about her amazing body shapes and what you would like to do to them, but that’s not flirting. This will come later. Now begin with more neutral niceties like complimenting her eyes, smile, voice, laughter or hair. It will get the chat going, so add some neutral jokes at first, ask what music she likes or something like that. Now you can say more open things, like, how sexy and desired she is. You get the idea J And please,   whatever compliment you say, choose words carefully. You aim to make her feel relaxed and ready for more, not insult her or scare off for good.
  1.   Be confident and active. What does it mean? It does not mean being rude or pushy, like you are a caveman pulling his cave woman in the nearest bushes. Just know what you want and if you are ready to continue communication with her. If you are hesitant and do not know whether to continue, or whether you would move on to a next girl, she will feel it immediately. It will dispirit her, and you won’t look a desirable guy to her. So just know where you stand. It will be visible and will yield  the sweet fruit of intimacy.
  2.   When the sex show in the public chat goes on, show that you enjoy it (otherwise, why are you watching it in the first place?). Chat actively in the chat rooms to mark your presence  and deep appreciation of the girl. Say things depending on what goes on. Real sex show will ask for some indecent but encouraging comments that will charge both you and the model (and who knows where you two will land after the show?). If the chatroom is more ‘modest’, go for some common topics to discuss. Models appreciate when guys talk to them, and talk meaningfully, not just empty ooohh and aahhh, and it creates this special channel between you and her.
  3.   Tip the model you like, because it is the unspoken rule of chats. It will make the cam girl feel special and treasured. From just one more guy you will move to the list of selected ones who can access every luscious and dirty secret the girl has in store for private shows only – and it will get only hotter from there. If you really plan to get everything (and even more) from the cam girl you like, tip her generously and it will work wonders.  Just do not send a follow up message of the kind ‘I pay, now give it to me’. See it a bunch of flowers or a serving of latte you provide on a date J

We hope, with our tips you will be successful among seductive and diverse girls on  Now it is high time you dive in and start the flirt.

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