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5 Questions inspired by recent celebrity nude photos leak

  Celebrity Uncensored on 08/30/2018

In the wake of the recent massive nude celebrity photos leak that involved literally hundreds of high-profile Hollywood celebs including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, the public was left with a number of questions. This time Muslim dating tried to clear a short list of 5 questions most of us are left wondering about.

#1 What on earth is Cloud?

In light of the last scandal that involved a global theft and the following distribution of dozens of female celebrities’ nude images, we now tend to have a comprehensive understanding concerning what the Cloud really is. It is simply a storage that allows its users to upload and keep files remotely. The files can then be synced to several devices owned by the user. And, as it seems, now they can also be shared by hackers as well.

#2 Why is the public so intrigued by women celebrities’ nudity?

The society’s eternal fascination with female celebrities’ nudity is, well, surprisingly fascinating. Celebs do have the same anatomy as any other person, so what’s the deal about it? Why do so many people care? Are they just closet voyeurs? Or, perhaps, it is simply too irresistible to take a quick peek at somebody that famous in a non-airbrushed format? Are those female celebrities so freakishly attractive so many of us are almost dying to find out what exactly they look like under their high fashion dresses?

#3 Why would celebs keep images of that kind around?

Why, why, why for God’s sake would the A-list celebrities keep the pics like that? They certainly have a right to their personal privacy, beyond doubt, but today we live in a world where “leaked” female celebrities’ sex tapes, insidiously stolen from Cloud or hard drives, is no longer such a rare occurrence.

Is it celebrity vanity to blame? If yes, do celebs really think they look so strikingly astonishing naked that they just can’t help pulling up the images of their nude selves so they can admire them anytime? In this way, one of the recently targeted celebrities, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, claimed the hacked pics of her were deleted “long time ago.” With that being said, we are actually pretty skeptical about that statement since the file had to exist somewhere in order to be backed up — unless the Mrs. Winstead never empty their bin, which seems a little bit unlikely.

#4 Why aren’t the individuals behind the hacker attacks using their skills for good?

The point here is that if hackers are smart enough to break into iCloud accounts, governmental structures and banking databases, why don’t they just use all that knowledge for good? Dear hackers, we have a message for you. Would you be so kind and stop acting like juvenile delinquents and finally do something useful for all of us? Stop boring the public with such a flagrant misuse of your skill and intelligence. Much appreciated!

#5 What will be the punishment for the hackers?

The FBI is still investigating the recent massive breach of privacy, and, moreover, one of the hackers confirmed this was the work of a hackers team over several months. A man named Christopher Chaney, who illegally published nude images of Scarlett Johansson, was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in the federal prison.

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